Cold Air Performance Inc. is an innovative company introducing a new product never seen before. Arctic Intake is the world’s first ever stand-alone AC system for air induction in internal combustion engines. With the patented twin helical evaporator coil in the airstream, Arctic Intake has already captured the attention of the most brilliant audience, winning the SEMA Launch Pad in 2021. Arctic Intake is truly revolutionary. We aim to change the way the world thinks about cold air intake through an innovative and comprehensive strategy.

This innovation has created a new market with no competition. As the world’s only refrigerated air induction system, Arctic Intake presents exceptional opportunities to the internal combustion industry. By cooling the intake air by up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, we are able to increase oxygen density tremendously. By increasing the oxygen density, any internal engine will operate more efficiently with increases in horsepower, torque, fuel economy, and decreases in emission.

Because of the vast amount of resources spent in drilling, pumping, transporting and processing fossil fuels, there is exceptional interest in more efficient engines and moving to a cleaner alternative. By increasing the engine efficiency, Arctic Intake provides remarkable fuel savings. As a percentage of initial cost, the returns could be up to 30% annually, making the initial price extremely attractive. The ability to gain efficiency may also allow users to forgo current aftermarket alternatives, and reduce the cost to clean emissions and boost performance.

VEHICLE: 2020 DODGE RAM 5500 6.7L



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